Saksy Bags & Pods

Saksy Bags & Pods

Saksy are one of our fantastic local traders that we have in our shop in Southam. We are a small family business and wanted to stock local products made by local producers, so when we met Carolyn and Sharron at a local craft fair, and their fantastic Saksy bits and bobs bags and pods, we instantly knew that we wanted to help share their great products!

The Saksy adventure started when Carolyn and Sharron met up for Gin and Pin nights where they experimented with the offcuts of fabrics from Sharron's Drop Dead Gorgeous Curtains business. Different prototypes were made until they finally settled on their current simple, very stylish, and elegant design of bits and bobs bags and pods. They began to sell these at the local Harbury Pop Up Market and were an instant hit! From then on the gin was reduced and the pin increased as Saksy production increased!

They now have a fantastic range of Saksy bags available in 3 sizes (small, medium, and large). They are such a versatile bits and bobs bag and have been given the name 'a bag for everything' as you really can use them to elegantly store all sorts of items from loo rolls, to make up, eggs, bread, toys and more. 

If you have limited storage space, the pods are great for hanging on hooks or door knobs. They keep all your bits and bobs tidy in one place. You'll never lose your keys, sunglasses or phone again!

What's also great is that the Sasksy Bags are also machine washable at 30 Deg C!

You can follow Saksy on their Facebook page where you will get updates on the new products and will also find reviews.