• Product Description

    The great thing about a Bibi Home candle is that they are refillable so you can keep using the same pot over and over again! You can also try different fragrances to give your home a new beautiful smell whilst retaining the same pot! This makes them a very sustainable product to use.

    The refills are only possible by dropping your original pot back at our shop after placing your order. Bibi Home will clean the pot then refill it with your chosen fragrance! Bibi Home will then return the refilled candle back to our shop ready for collection. Simply pick your pot shape and your chosen fragrance to place an order, then drop your pot off at our shop during normal opening hours.

    Please allow 5 working days from dropping the pot off for the new refilled candle to be ready. 

    It is not possible to do shipping on this item. It is a store drop off and collection only.