Annie Sloan Painting Techniques & Tips

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®️ is simple to use and is designed for everybody from casual weekend upcyclers, to full time furniture restoration artists. The great thing about it is that there is no need for sanding or priming unlike other furniture paints. This makes the job far quicker and easier to do. Simply open the tin, dip in your brush and apply to your furniture. 

Chalk Paint®️ adheres to most surfaces, indoors and outdoors, and you rarely need to sand or prime before painting. Annie Sloan always recommends performing a small patch test before you get stuck into the fun.

Always stir the Chalk Paint®️ thoroughly before painting. If you see "bleed through" on wooden furniture, apply a coat of clear shellac as a base and then apply Chalk Paint®️ as per normal.

Below are some tips on creating some of the effects, along with recommendations on waxes and finishes for different items and surfaces.

Smooth Modern Finish

To create a smooth modern finish you will require:

- Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®️ 

- Clear Chalk Paint Wax®️  or Chalk Paint®️  Lacquer

- Flat Brush

- Sanding Pads (optional)

Step 1: If the surface has bumps or texture and isnt smooth, then use sandpaper to to remove these.

Step 2: Dilute the Chalk Paint®️ slightly with water and stir well. Use an Annie Sloan Flat Brush and paint gently, using the tip of the brush. As the paint is diluted consider extra coats to ensure full coverage.

Step 3Once dry it is ready to wax. Use Clear Chalk Paint®️ Wax  and work in with a lint free cloth or a Chalk Paint®️ Wax Brush. 

Two Colour Distress

To Create Annie's signature Two Colour Distress finish you will require:

- Two Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®️ Colours

- Clear Chalk Paint®️ Wax

- Sanding Pads

- Dark, Black or White Chalk Paint®️ Waxes as optional extras.

Step 1: Apply a thick coat of your chosen base colour. The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®️ Brushes are designed to hold lots of paint which really helps with this. Once dry, apply a thinner coat of your second colour and leave to dry thoroughly.

Step 2Apply Clear Chalk Paint®️ Wax to the piece with either a lint-free cloth or a Chalk Paint®️ Wax Brush. Work it into the surface in all directions.

Step 3Using the sanding Pads to reveal areas of your base colour, concentrating on edges and corners. Sand back further to reveal the original surface.

Step 4Wipe away the sanding dust and apply another coat of Clear Chalk Paint®️ Wax.


Textured Effect

To Create Annie's textured finish you will require: 

- Chalk Paint®️ in your chosen colour

- Chalk Paint®️ Brush

- Clear Chalk Paint®️ Wax

- Dark, Black, or White Chalk Paint®️ Wax

- Hairdryer as an optional extra

Step 1: Apply two thick coats of your chosen Chalk Paint®️ colour. To create texture, brush expressively with a Chalk Paint®️ Brush. For even more texture: when the paint is almost dry go over it again to create more brush marks, or dry with a hair dryer to form cracks.

Step 2: Apply Clear Chalk Paint®️ Wax to the piece with either a lint-free cloth or a Chalk Paint®️ Wax Brush.

Step 3: For an aged, industrial or coastal look respectively apply a coat of Dark, Black, or White Chalk Paint®️ Wax to emphasise the brush marks, cracks and texture.To remove excess Dark, Black, or White Chalk Paint®️ Wax, use Clear Chalk Paint®️ Wax on a lint-free cloth and rub away. Leave to dry for 24 hours in a warm place.