About Us

About Us
GJF Furnishings is a small family business in Southam selling Upcycled and Refurbished Furniture, Handmade Lamps, Local Crafts, and Sustainable Living Products ran by myself, Graeme Frazer and my partner Hannah Delaney.  

By trade I was a Chartered Chemical  Engineer, working in food manufacturing for almost 10 years. However, 2017 brought about a lot of changes for me. I became a father to a wonderful little chap, who had a tough ride during the first three months of his life. Combined with the lack of sleep, worry about his health, and an increasingly demanding and stressful working life, I hit burnout point and found myself suffering with anxiety and depression, leading to having some time off work to seek help and recover.  

I started seeing a counsellor, having recognised I wasn’t able to get better on my own and with her help I was able to reflect upon my lifestyle, values and life drivers. As a result, part of my recovery was to take my mind away from things and try new hobbies. This is how I discovered my new love for refurbishing and upcycling furniture. 

I brought an old TV cabinet to paint, mostly just to see if I was any good at it and found myself not only enjoying the process of upcycling an old unit, but also making some money from doing so. Being a hands on and creative person this very quickly became a new passion of mine. I love heading out to the garage with some old furniture and seeing it transform into something new and modern. Having successfully sold my first few items and had some repeat business, I thought, why not make this more official? So I took the plunge and set up GJF Furnishings. 

Since setting up GJF Furnishings, we have developed it from a hobby in the garage, to renting trading spaces within other stores, to now having our very own premises and an online business. We are proud to be a small local family business and have passion in helping other small local businesses develop. We therefore have nine local traders within our shop in Southam, where we sell their local handmade crafts, and products. Some of these traders can also be found on our website. 

Our intention isn't to grow GJF Furnishings into a big company. We love being a small family business and work life balance is very important to us, especially with Graeme having his challenges around mental health due to stress. We work to live, not live to work. We therefore aim to keep our prices reasonable, help out other local traders, but get the business to a point where we can cover our bills and enjoy life to the full with our family. By buying from us you are supporting a small family business realise this dream.

We hope you enjoy taking the time to browse some of our items. We will post regularly with new items and their journey from old to new on our Facebook Page, so please do message us if there is anything that takes your interest.  

Graeme & Hannah

Our website was set up using Shopwired. If you run your own business and want an easy to package to set your own eccomerce website up then follow this link to find out more. We find it very user friendly and it helped us get through a tough lockdown period.